global gathering 2019

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global gathering 2019

Global Gathering is an annual event for Flight Centre Travel Group where over 20,000 employees from around the world compete to secure their spot at this huge event to celebrate achievement, professionalism and innovation within the company. Held in a different city every year 2019 saw just over 3000 winners travel to Las Vegas for celebrations including a Welcome Night, Conference, Gala Awards Dinner and After Party.

A pop art design theme was used to excite and encourage employees to do their best and get to Global. For such a large gathering with multiple events and locations a significant amount of collateral was required to be designed.

The delegate handbook was the biggest piece of singular work created for this event. Consisting of 64 pages it was a challenge to think of ways to keep delegates engaged.

Using the pop art aesthetic of the event made it easier to keep things interesting and make the reader feel like they were going on an adventure with fun characters and amusing speech bubbles, making it similar to a comic book.

2020 GKWebsite GG2019 BookletMockup Front V1 opt
2020 GKWebsite GG2019 BookletMockup Pages V1 opt
2020 GKWebsite GG2019 StandingBanners Mockup V1 opt

Creating signage for this event was also a big job. Because of the distracting aspects of Las Vegas it was important to create an eye catching way to draw the delegates’ eyes while also keeping with the look and feel of all the other collateral.

2020 GKWebsite GG2019 PostersMockups V1 opt

Parties and gatherings during Global Gathering sometimes required their own identity to be created to differentiate them from the main conference while still keeping with the overall theme. FlightFest was one such party that needed it’s own logo and collateral.

2020 GKWebsite GG2019 FlightFestWordmark opt
2020 GKWebsite GG2019 ShortsLayout V2

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